General English Course

Learn to communicate more effectively and confidently
General English Course Example Timetable (subject to change)

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A world language is a language spoken internationally and that is learned by many people as a second language. A world language is characterized not only by the total number of speakers (native and second language speakers), but also by its geographical distribution, and use in international organizations and diplomatic relations. By these criteria, the major world languages are of Western European origin. The historical reason for this is the period of European exploration and colonialism.

The world’s most widely used language is English, which has over 1.38 billion users worldwide. Of this number, 750 million are students of English as a second language. That means you!

World-languageCountries of the world where English is a majority native language are dark blue; countries where it is an official but not majority native language are light blue. In the Canadian province of Quebec, French is the sole official language, but it has a small English-speaking population (Charter of the French Language). Because Quebec is not a separate country, but part of Canada, it is not shown separately and is colored dark blue.


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Decide how long you want to study for, how many hours per week and we’ll help you find an English course that’s right for you.


Why choose a General English Course?


  • Standard (20 lessons per week) or Intensive (30 lessons per week)

  • Improve essential listening & speaking, reading & writing skills

  • Broaden grammatical knowledge for more accurate communication

  • Interact with learners from around the world using a world language

  • Focus on improving weaker skills using our supervised self-study sessions

  • Make noticeable progress with tests and tutorials from qualified teachers

  • Enjoy our inclusive social activity programme to form new international friendships

General English courses run throughout the year and start every Monday.




Do I need to take an entry test before I book?

No, each student’s writing, grammar and speaking is tested on arrival to make sure they are in a class that is just right for their level.


About the course

Course structure

20 General English lessons


30 General English lessons
+ optional one-to-one lessons with a teacher to work on your particular needs/desires whether that be improving grammar, conversation skills, academic study skills, business communication or preparing for an exam, to name but a few.

Entry level

A1(Elementary) to C2 (Advanced), suitable for all levels


Morning or afternoon classes according to the school timetable, Monday-Friday
Standard: 20 lessons a week (mornings only)
Intensive: 30 lessons a week (mornings and afternoon)

Lesson Length

45 minutes

Course duration

1-52 weeks


At the end of the course, receive an OEC report documenting your language level and a certificate as proof of course completion.

Assessment and progress

Stay focussed with weekly tests/reviews and a monthly tutorial to focus on particular needs.

One-to-one lessons

Optional one-to-one lessons help students focus on an area of interest or improve in a particular part of their English. The content of these lessons is driven by the student with a plan being negotiated with the teacher. Content may range from specialist exam preparation to general conversation lessons and dissertation checking.


What will my lessons be like?

  • The lessons for GE 20 will cover all aspects of General English in a lively, interactive way. You will use English to communicate with your classmates and teacher in tasks and activities designed to develop your language skills and confidence. You will study all aspects of the language, looking at grammar and vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and work on your pronunciation.

    If you select GE 30, your classes in the afternoon will be more specialised, focusing on building fluency and clarity, as well as developing conversational skills. At higher levels, you may be able to study towards an English proficiency exam or to look at a specialist area such as Business English.

Do I have to buy materials for the course?

  • Materials will cost:
    1-10 weeks £35
    11-20 weeks £70
    21-30 weeks £100
    31+ weeks £120

Can I pre-book one-to-one lessons?

  • Yes, one-to-one lessons can be pre-booked along with a request for their lesson content.

How many one-to-ones can I take?

  • The maximum number amounts to 8 lessons per day (6 hours)



Class duration: 1 – 52 weeks

Class size: maximum 14

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Lessons per week: 30

Learning materials:
1-10 weeks £35
11-20 weeks £70
21-30 weeks £100
31+ weeks £120

Start: Every Monday

Minimum age: 16


Registration Fee: £90.00

Tuition & Accommodation Deposit: £490.00

Tuition Only Deposit: £290.00

Payment by debit or credit card

Payment by bank transfer: See Bank Details


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