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Medical English Example Timetable (subject to change)

Doctors and medical professionals from all around the world need to speak English clearly and understandably to their international patients and colleagues. Learn the correct pronunciation of medical terms while learning the use of English in Medicine. Emphasis is given to the skills required in a hospital or clinic environment, such as patient approach, giving opinions and recommendation. Our Medical English course is designed to improve your confidence in your speaking and listening abilities, while also supporting progress in reading and writing skills.


Why choose a Medical English Course?

  • Standard (20 lessons General English + 10 lessons Medical English per week) or Intensive (30 lessons Medical English per week)

  • More confidence communicating with both patients and colleagues

  • Increased knowledge of the way English is used in Medicine, including Layman’s Terms

  • Greater awareness of the difference in the patient-doctor relationship with English-speaking patients

  • Enhanced skills in specific areas, such as formulating questions and discussing patient case histories



Do I need to take an entry test before I book?

No, you’ll be tested on arrival to make sure you’re in a class that’s just right for your level.

About the course

Course structure

20 General English lessons + 10 Medical English Lessons per week

30 Medical English lessons

Entry level

B2 (Intermediate) to C2 (Advanced)

Lesson Length

45 minutes

Course duration
2 weeks

At the end of the course, receive an Oxford English Centre Certificate documenting your language level.

Assessment and progress
Stay focussed with personal learning plans, a portfolio of your work, entry/exit test and a weekly test.


Can I focus on a specific topic or area of medicine?

Yes, as far as is possible. The teacher will provide focused articles in a relevant area for each student and student pair or group work.

Will I learn how to take a patient history?

The course has a much more holistic approach and concentrates on the use of English for recommendation, negotiation etc. for all applications – patients and colleagues – which should help students in many areas of communication.

How much of the course involves writing Medical English?

Although there are a couple of writing sections in the course, the focus is on speaking, listening, reading and understanding – and being understood.

Medical English Course Dates

Medical English Course Dates 2017

Course CodeCourse DatesCourse Weeks
CM103 - 13 January 20172
CM203 - 14 July 20172
CM317 - 28 July 20172
Contact UsClosed Group on request2 - 4

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Registration Fee: £95.00

Course, accommodation deposit & registration fee: £500.00

Course only deposit & registration fee: £300.00

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