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All your questions answered before you join us in Oxford
Do I need a Visa to study at your school?

If you are visiting the UK as a tourist, you do not need a visa to study for up to 6 weeks. For longer courses, many countries have agreements with the UK meaning you do not need to apply for a visa for short-term study. Check with the British consulate or Embassy in your country, or visit: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

Disclaimer. Please note that any contract you have with the school will be void if it proves you do not have/or lose your leave to remain in the UK. Any contract with you will also be void if you enter the UK on a visa that is not valid for study. If you do not obtain a visa that entitles you to study, Oxford English Centre is not allowed to deliver your course and our standard cancellation conditions will apply. Please check the correct visa procedure with us before you travel.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend that all students have insurance that covers health, course cancellation and luggage. It is better that you arrange insurance in your own country before you travel.

What should I bring with me to Oxford?
The weather is not always perfect in England, but when it is perfect it is absolutely perfect!!! The weather may change several times in one day. Bringing an umbrella is always a good idea, also a jacket and sweater even in summer. Make sure you have warm clothes for winter. For the weather here today please check http://www.bbc.co.uk/oxford/

Passport size photographs – these are very useful for student cards, travel cards etc.
Paper, pens and pencils – remember you are going to study English!

How can I find the school?
If you stay with a homestay family, they will show you how to get to school on your first day. If you stay in private accommodation, please ask us to send you a map of Oxford by email. It is quite easy to find us – see the map HERE.



What happens on the first day at school?
Please arrive at school at 09:00 on your first day.
You will take a test to assess your level.
There is an introduction to the school for all new students.
Can I use the internet at school?
Yes, wifi is free for all students.We also have fixed computers in our library.
What happens if I need a doctor?
Please come to the office and we will help you to make an appointment. If you are very ill or have a serious accident the number for medical assistance is 999 (for emergencies only).
What can I do if I have a problem?

Please come to the school office for help during school hours! If you have a serious problem (an emergency) outside school hours you may call our emergency number – 07500016333.

Can I open a bank account?
For students who will be in the UK for over 9 months it is usually possible to open a UK bank account. Banks are very strict about opening accounts and demand a lot of information from students. It is important to show how long you will be staying in the UK, the reason for opening an account and proof of a permanent address in the UK. The school will be able to provide you with a letter showing that you are registered as a student.
Can the school arrange my airport transfer?
We can arrange airport transfers (see our dates and fees leaflet for prices). There is also an excellent bus service to Oxford from LHR and LGW airports – please see http://airline.oxfordbus.co.uk/



What can I do in Oxford?
Many things! You can go to the cinema, shopping, theatres, parks, bowling, pubs, punting, museums etc… Please check Oxford city council website http://www.visitoxford.org or http://www.OxfordCityGuide.com to know what’s going on in Oxford today! The school has its own social programme: http://www.oxfordenglish.co.uk/social/programme
Why should I come to Oxford to study?
Many students from all over the world visit Oxford every year. The city is dominated by magnificent college and residential buildings. It is a small, safe, cosmopolitan city. The famous University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. This city has the perfect atmosphere to study English.
Why choose the Oxford English Centre?
The school was established in 1979. We are accredited by the British Council and a member of EnglishUK – your guarantees of quality. You will find a friendly atmosphere, committed, enthusiastic staff, and students from all over the world. It is the perfect place to improve your English!
What nationalities do you have in the school?
It depends quite a lot on the season, but normally we have a good mix of nationalities from all over the world. At certain times of the year we have more students from particular countries who have holidays at that time – for example from South America in January; from Thailand in April. During the year there are usually at least 70 different nationalities represented in the school. Please email info@oxfordenglish.co.uk or call us +44-1865 516162 if you would like to know more details of current nationalities.
Do you have a café in the school?
Yes, “Caramba café”. They offer you a cooked lunch, sandwiches, paninis, snacks, soft drinks. The prices are student friendly and Caramba is a great place to hang out with the friends you make here.
Are there any shops near the school?
Yes. There is a street called “North Parade” opposite the school. It has a convenience shop, restaurants,cafes, gift shops, and two pubs.
How long does it take from the city centre to the school?
It is about 15 minutes walk or just a few minutes by bus.
Do you have social activities?
There is a full social programme ranging from museum trips, sports to BBQs to karaoke. Most activities are included in course fees. You may book weekend excursions to other cities in England from approximately £35.
In the summer, we have a more extensive social programme with activities every day. Students arriving in groups with leaders normally have a package that includes weekend excursions.
What time does the school open and close?
It normally opens Monday to Friday (except bank holidays), from 9am to 5pm.
What type of plug do you use?
Standard British voltage which is 240v ac 50HZ. It is normally called “13-amp plug”.UK plugs have three pins but you can buy an adaptor plug at most airports or at electrical shops in Oxford.
How much is a bus pass?
You can buy a bus pass which you can use on the buses in Oxford. Please visit www.stagecoachbus.co.uk and check the current fees.




How far is it from London? And how much does it cost to get there?
It is about 1 hour by train, 90 minutes by bus. For more information, please check www.oxfordbus.co.uk

*For more information about buses or trains, please visit the following websites.

National rail http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/
Stagecoach bus company http://www.stagecoachbus.com/oxfordshire/
Oxford bus company http://www.oxfordbus.co.uk/
May I come to the school at the weekend?
The school is closed at weekends. We are normally open from Monday to Friday except on Public Holidays and the Christmas and New Year Break.
Is it safe to drink the tap water in Oxford?
Yes, no problem. You may also buy mineral water from shops and there is a water-cooler in the school where you can fill up with filtered fresh water – free of charge!!


Will I be able to meet students the same age as me?
We have a wide age-range of ages. We accept younger students aged 14-17 in the summer on special junior courses but there are usually lots of adults 25+ here as well. All of our students are very friendly. And we will do our best to make you feel at home in the international environment here. There is the school social programme to help you to make friends as quickly as possible!!
I want to send my luggage before I arrive. Where can I send it?
You may send luggage to the school and we are also able to receive packages from home for you, but please do let us know in advance!

Contact us if you have any other questions.

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