Oxford - Finding Us

The City of the Dreaming Spires

Oxford - Our School

Our beautiful school in the heart of Oxford

Oxford - Finding Us

The City of the Dreaming Spires

Oxford - Our School

Our beautiful school in the heart of Oxford

Oxford - Finding Us

The City of the Dreaming Spires

For over 800 years students have travelled to Oxford. The city is dominated by the beautiful buildings of Oxford University; the reason Oxford is known as ‘the city of dreaming spires’.

Come to study in one of Oxford’s historic buildings, and at the weekends go walking in the city’s lively streets – climb St Mary’s tower for fantastic views over the city – visit Britain’s oldest public museum: Oxford’s Ashmolean, go shopping on the High Street, take a boat on the river (called a ‘punt’), find a snack in the historic covered market then go for a picnic in the University parks.

And where there are students, there’s night life too – it doesn’t matter if you enjoy a traditional pub, a busy nightclub or a quiet restaurant, you won’t have a problem finding something to do in the evening – just remember to wake up in time for your morning class!

For over 800 years, students have travelled to Oxford. Will you join them?


The Oxford English Centre

This is the location of our School.

Gloucester Green Bus Station

This is the Bus Station.

Oxford Train Station

This is Oxford Train Station.


From the Airport

London Heathrow International Airport, and Gatwick Airport are linked to Oxford by The Airline coach company, which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Heathrow is the closest international airport to Oxford. Stansted Airport is linked to Oxford by the National Express 757, which runs approximately every two hours.


In our opinion, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Oxford is to take a bus from the airport that comes straight to the city. Buses run by The Airline leave Heathrow approximately every 20 minutes, and Gatwick every hour, and are large, comfortable coaches that allow you to sit back, relax, and watch the beautiful countryside. From Heathrow, a return ticket costs approximately £23 and takes approximately 80 minutes from terminals 1,2,and 3, and 100 minutes from terminal 5 (for terminal 4 you will need to take the free inter-terminal train to either terminal 5 or central bus station). From Gatwick, a return ticket costs approximately £28 and takes approximately 120 minutes. The buses make a few stops once they reach Oxford, and if you’re looking to get off at the main bus station, tell the driver you want to go to Gloucester Green (pronounced “Gloss-ster”).


Though we don’t recommend it, it is possible to take a standard taxi from the airport to Oxford (or, of course, from Oxford to the airport). It costs approximately £75 to/from Heathrow, and £110 to/from Gatwick, not including tip.


These are similar to taxis but must be booked in advance. They will often have fixed charges for airport transfer and are usually cheaper than a standard taxi. Some companies are listed below, you can contact them either by phone or by clicking on the link to their website.

Airport Direct – 01865 452832
CCB Airport Cars – 01865 876699
Oxicars – 01865 875900
Oxfordshire Chauffeurs – 07792 350212

From London


The Oxford Tube and the X90 both leave London’s Victoria Station every 12-20 minutes, making stops at Marble Arch, Baker Street, Notting Hill Gate, and Shepherd’s Bush before heading to Oxford’s Gloucester Green. Tickets cost £17 if you’re returning the next day, or £20 if you’re returning within 3 months. Travel time is approximately 100 minutes during off-peak times.

The Oxford Tube: 01865 772250

X90: 01865 785400


Trains from London leave Paddington every half hour, costing approximately £30 for a single trip, and takes approximately one hour. For national rail inquiries, call 08457 48 49 50 or visit their website. Note: cheap tickets can be purchased in advance for as little as £10 return. Check the website of contact National Rail for details.


Take the M25 to the M40. Get off at the A40 towards Oxford. Follow signs to the ring road. At the third roundabout, take your first left onto Woodstock Road (towards the city centre). We strongly advise using the Park and Ride system as parking in Oxford is difficult and expensive.

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