If you wish to become one of our Home Stay Hosts, please read the following guidelines carefully. An application form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


The Oxford English Centre will visit all families before any students are placed in their care. Home stay providers are re-visited on a 2 year basis thereafter.  If we ask you to host our students we will require an enhanced DBS check for the main carer as a minimum, a valid gas safety certificate and a Care of Junior declaration completed.


  • A GAS SAFE registered engineer should service all Home stay gas central heating systems and all Home stay families must hold a Landlord’s Safety Certificate, renewed annually. Copy to be given to the school.
  • Enhanced DBS is required for the main homestay carer if you are hosting any students under the age of 18.  We recommend that all of the homestay family members over 18 years should have an enhanced DBS.

1.  A copy/scan of your passport (and any visa if you are not a UK/EU national)
2.  A fire risk assessment (we can help you to complete this)
3.  A brief CV (if you don’t have an up-to-date CV, we will send you a ‘work history’ form)
4.  A completed Homestay Application Form (including the names of two character references)
5.  A signed copy of our ‘Care of Juniors’ form
6.  A copy of your safeguarding training certificate

  • Do not host another student of the same nationality or mother tongue unless this has been requested by the Oxford English Centre.


  • Under 18’s year olds (Junior Students)
  • Do not host junior students (under 18) at the same time as hosting adult students (over 18). Do not mix male and female junior students. Do not host students of the same nationality unless requested by this school.
  • Under 18 curfew – 14-year-olds must return by 21.00, 15-year-olds must return by 21.30, 16/17-year-olds must return by 22.30. There is no exception to this school rule and if your student is not home please call the Group Leader or the school emergency phone.
  • See above, Enhanced DBS is required for the main carer but other family members over 18 if possible.


Occupancy:  You can only host a maximum of 4 students at any one time.

  • Single occupancy – students should have their own bedroom
  • Teen Twin occupancy – Two junior students of the same gender and similar age to share.
  • Triple Teen occupancy – 3 junior students in the same homestay (i.e. 1 twin room and 1 single room)

OEC Homestay rates:  For any information please contact us.



  • Arrivals and Departures:
  1. Group Student’s will need to be picked up by the host family on arrival and dropped off on their departure day from the school back car park unless we notify you otherwise.
  2. Individual students will either be dropped off at your home by our taxi or the student will make their own way to your house and will contact you themselves with an approximate arrival time.


  • English Language:  English should always be the main language spoken in the home stay.
  • Family life:  Your student should be welcomed into your family and take part in family life.
  • Bedroom:  Provide a clean and comfortable bedroom with a study desk and chair.  Make sure the room is adequately lit and heated and there is a spare blanket if requested.  A full size bed, enough hanging space and drawer space for clothes, a mirror and a lamp.
  • Provide half board students with breakfast and evening meals on weekdays, lunch at weekends (a packed lunch for an excursion if required).  Meals should be balanced and with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  We try to inform you of any special dietary requirements however students do not always inform us.
  • Mealtimes:  Eat with your student at dinner time as much as possible. If this sometimes isn’t possible then sit with your student during their meal as this is a crucial time to have conversation.
  • Bathroom:   Give the student reasonable and regular access to the bathroom.
  • Laundry:  Students laundry should be done at least once a week.
  • Bed linen and towels:  Clean bed linen and towels changed weekly.
  • Bus route: Show your student where to get on at the nearest bus stop to get to school and provide them with a map to school and back home. The school bus stop is Park Town on Banbury Road. School post code OX2 6PR.  Students should be at school for 9am on their first day and bring their passport or European Identity card.  The school can advise of bus passes.
  • Sickness:  If your student is unwell and will not attend school or absent for another reason, or if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Doctor/Dentist:  If your student needs to see a doctor or dentist, they can either make an appointment to see your doctor/dentist as a short term visitor or they can come to reception where we will help them.  Long term students should register with a doctor.  All students are given a student handbook on their first day which gives advise on medical care. Students may have to pay for treatment.  In case of an emergency take your student to hospital and inform the school on the emergency number  07976256618.
  • Extending homestay: If a student wishes to extend/reduce their homestay, contact the school and we will discuss this with them.
  • House keys: All students 16+ must have a house key. Students under 15 do not need a key however you can give one to your student.  If junior students do not have a key someone must be at home to let them in at all times.
  • House phone: Students MUST ask if they need to use your telephone.  Most students will use their mobile phones and they can get a free Lebara sim card from reception which gives cheap international phone calls from their mobile phone.  Students should be allowed incoming calls from your phone provided they are at reasonable time. (e.g. after 9am, before 9pm).
  • Keep in contact: Exchange mobile phone numbers with your student on the first day or soon after.
  • Wifi:  Wifi is included in the homestay rate and cannot be charged as extra.
  • Student feedback:  All students are requested to complete a feed back form which includes homestay questions.
  • Student Holiday:  Long-stay students are entitled to a holiday during their stay. A student who leaves their belongings at the homestay still needs to pay the full homestay rate unless they give the school two weeks notice of their holiday request and they take all of their belongings with them.  If your student tells you they are going on holiday inform the school immediately and we will discuss this with them and we will contact you.  If we are not informed prior to the holiday we cannot guarantee the homestay payment.


Top 5 reasons a student will ask to move families:

  • Cleanliness
  • Homestay family not having conversation with the student
  • Homestay family not eating with the student
  • Pets
  • Distance from school


  • Any details supplied by you will be held on file in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Occasionally a student may cancel or change their enrolment. We will let you know of any changes as soon as possible and do our best to replace this student when a suitable booking arises.
  • Students can request to change their host family and will need to give one weeks notice unless there are specific reasons the student needs to move earlier.  The school will make the final decision.
  • You should advise your household insurance company that you host students as the school is not responsible for damage caused and this should be claimed via your own insurance.
  • Income from letting to students is liable to taxation and by law we are responsible for giving the Inland Revenue details of your extra income if requested by them to do so.
  • Please maintain close liaison with the school to help resolve any problems that may arise.  However, the EMERGENCY telephone number (07976 256618) should only be used in REAL EMERGENCIES.  The school is open from 08:00am until 18:00pm Monday to Friday and most problems can wait until then.  Please do not hesitate to call the Accommodation and Welfare team on 01865 516162 if you have any questions regarding the above information.


School office number 01865 516162 (Mon – Fri 08:00am – 18:00pm)

Emergency number  0044 7968 818 873 (For out of hours student emergencies)

The Oxford English Centre, 66 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PR


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