Individual Tuition

Make the fastest progress with a personalised study programme.

This is probably our most flexible way to study, as it enables you to learn exactly what you want, at exactly your speed. We do our utmost to match your needs to one of our highly-qualified and experienced tutors, who will work closely with you to design your personalised programme.

We have a bank of tutors to draw on, so whether you require English for business, law, military, medicine, IELTS, Cambridge exams, TOEFL, or for academic purposes, we can tailor a course to suit you, and help you improve quickly.


Why choose Individual Tuition?

  • Study what you need, at your own pace

  • Ideal if you have limited time to study

  • Flexible scheduling to fit in with your commitments

  • Combine with other courses to improve quickly

  • Ideal if you need specialist English

  • Ideal if you are a beginner



Do I need to buy materials for my course?

No, we provide everything you need.


About the course

Bespoke courses to meet your needs. Choose how many hours a week you would like to study and for how long, and the times that suit you. We will do everything we can to provide classes when you want them. Your programme will start by assessing your learning needs and what you want to achieve and can change and develop as your needs and interests do.

Alternatively, combine individual tuition with one of our group courses to get the best of both worlds!

Entry level

All levels including Beginner (A1/2)

Lesson Length

45 minutes

Course duration

1 – 52 weeks.


You will receive an Oxford English Centre certificate and progress report, profiling your language level.

Assessment and progress

Stay focussed with weekly tests/reviews and a monthly tutorial to focus on particular needs.


Can I combine Individual tuition with group classes?

  • Yes, we have a very flexible range of options- please see our dates and fees

How many individual lessons can I do?

  • Each lesson is 45 minutes, so you can do between 1 and 6 per day

Do I have to book the lessons before I arrive in Oxford?

  • If you need a specialist subject, Law for example, or you require several lessons per day, then yes, but you can add individual tuition to a group course after you have arrived at school on a group course

Can I start any time?

  • Yes, you can start any Monday

Do I have to do a pre-test?

  • No, we will send you a pre-course questionnaire, so your tutor(s) will begin planning your course before you arrive, and finalise it with you on your first day

Will I get a certificate?

  • Yes, you get a certificate of attendance and a personalised report from your tutor(s)


Class duration: 1 – 52 weeks

Class size: Individual

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Lessons per week: 5 – 40

Learning materials:
1-10 weeks £35
11-20 weeks £70
21-30 weeks £100
31+ weeks £120

Start: Any Monday

Minimum age: 16


Individual Tuition

Individual LessonsTuition Fees

General English + Individual

General + IndividualTuition Fees
20 + 5£580.00
20 + 10£860.00
30 + 5£650.00
30 + 10£930.00


Registration Fee: £90.00

Tuition & Accommodation Deposit: £490.00

Tuition Only Deposit: £290.00

Payment by debit or credit card

Payment by bank transfer: See Bank Details


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