General English Course

General English Course

Flexible start and finish dates.

General English Course

Design an English course to suit you.

Decide how long you want to study for, how many hours per week and we’ll help you find an English course that’s right for you.

Standard (20 lessons per week) or Intensive/Semi-Intensive (28/24 lessons per week*)

Why choose a General English Course?

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    • Essential listening & speaking, reading & writing skills

    • English for the real world

    • English in context (use TV, the Internet and interactive games to learn)

    • Develop a special interest or improve weaker areas with Elective lessons (Intensive only)

    • Make steady progress with tests, reports and support from qualified teachers


    Do I need to take an entry test before I book?
    No, you’ll be tested on arrival to make sure you’re in a class that’s just right for your level.

About the course

Course structure

20 General English lessons


20 General English lessons +
8 Elective lessons (Choose 1 or 2 electives per week.  Improve grammar, vocabulary, conversation skills, academic study skills, business communication or prepare for an exam.)


20 General English lessons +
4 Elective lessons (Electives as above but choose 1 elective per week.)

2-4 lessons of general English will be in different formats, including guided lessons with the “Study Smart” learning portal, lectures and project work.

Entry level

A1(Elementary) to C2 (Advanced), suitable for all levels
See Your level of English

Lesson Length

45 minutes

Course duration

1-52 weeks


At the end of the course, receive an Oxford English Centre Certificate documenting your language level.

Assessment and progress

Stay focussed with personal learning plans, an e-portfolio of your work, entry/exit test, weekly test/review and a monthly test/report.  Find out what it’s like inside the classroom.


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Class duration: 1-52 weeks

Class size: maximum 15

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Lessons per week: 20 or 24 or 28

Learning materials: Included

Start: Every Monday

Minimum age: 16

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